Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Mighty Thor #705

   While the idea of a new, female Thor has always felt... well, gimmicky at best, it has given us quite a few excellent stories.

    But none have been better than this (maybe) final adventure, titled "The Death of The Mighty Thor."

   The stakes are high, as the incredibly powerful Mangog has attacked Asgard, beating both Odin and his son, the former Thor (now just called Odinson).

   The last line of defense is Jane Foster, who wields Mjolnir as the new Thor, but what hope does she have against a creature fueled by hate and backed with the power of a billion billion beings?

   It's laid out in an emotional and frenzied story that's both moving and over the top - and it manages the difficult task of sticking the landing.

   There are quibbles to be had along the way, a few gaps in logic that may give some readers pause, and some panels of art that are so frenzied I'm not sure what is happening - but those are minor problems.

    What you get here is an explosion of a "next-to-the-last" (maybe) issue of the Mighty Thor, and the art and story are absolutely stunning.

   And hey, next issue (presumably) we'll see where this all goes next.


Grade: A




Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Comics Day

      Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

ARCHIE #29 - The Blossom family secret is revealed!

AVENGERS #685 - "No Surrender" keeps rolling on!

- BRAVE AND THE BOLD #2 - Dreaming of gods!

INCREDIBLE HULK #714 - World War Hulk II begins!


MIGHTY CRUSADERS #4 - The Crusaders vs. the Eliminators!

MIGHTY THOR #705 - Death is here!

USAGI YOJIMBO #1 (OF 7) THE HIDDEN - A shocking murder mystery!

      And I received these issues for review:

BURNE HOGARTH TARZAN HC VOL 04 THE LOST TRIBES - The final collection of the classic daily strips!

CONSULTANT #4 (OF 4) - A house of cards begins to fall!

DOCTOR WHO 12TH TIME TRIALS VOL. 1 TERROR BENEATH - Facing a cosmological horror!

DOCTOR WHO GHOST STORIES - Collecting the adventures of The Doctor's super-powered friend!

GINGERDEAD MAN MEETS EVIL BONG #1 - The title says it all.

JIRNI VOLUME 3 #1 - The powerhouse swordswoman returns in a new series!

LOST FLEET TP VOL 01 CORSAIR - Collecting the science fiction epic!


MIRACULOUS ADVENTURES VOL. 1 - Collecting the first original stories.

NINJA-K #5 - London is falling!

PRINCELESS RAVEN YEAR 2 #6 LOVE AND REVENGE - What happened to Sunshine?

QUANTUM & WOODY (2017) #4 - The baddest Dad of them all.

ROBOTECH #8 - The ongoing adventures of the SDF-1!

TOYETICA #7 - What is the campus plotting?

WAY OF TANK GIRL HC - Covering her 30-year career!

     And that's it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Secret Weapons: Owen's Story #0

   Valiant continues its series of "one shot" issues, each devoted to the backstory of a different member of the new incarnation of Secret Weapons.

   The focus here is on Owen's Story. He has the unique ability to make things appear out of thin air.

   Which sounds really handy, right? But there's a big problem that keeps it from being quite as convenient as you'd expect.

   This is a cleverly-told story by writer Eric Heisserer, with an interesting and amusing framing sequence.

   The art is by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin, and I like it a lot. The color palette is muted, and the layouts and character designs are delightful and inventive.

   This series seems to have flown under the radar - and certainly the characters involved aren't powerhouses in the traditional comics sense, but their stories are interesting, clever and fun to read.


Grade: A-


Monday, March 19, 2018

Sea of Thieves #1

   Bringing a video game to comics can be a trick sometimes - and I should admit that I haven't played the Sea of Thieves game - but this issue feels like a solid start to an rollicking adventure.

    As you'd expect from the first chapter, this one is all about introducing the colorful characters who make up not one but two bands of pirates, including ship captains who happen to be twins (but aren't on particularly friendly terms).

   It's centered around a tavern called the Unfired Pistol, where both sides seek a map and hope to find crew members for their ship.

    So you can expect: funny dialogue (check), pockets being picked (check), someone cheating at a game of chance (check), and a barroom brawl where no one is seriously hurt (check and check).

   If it all seems a bit convenient, well, that's the nature of these things. It ends promising even more action next issue - what's not to like?

   If you're a fan of pirates or just action / adventure in general (or the game in particular), this is a good place to be

Grade: B+


Sunday, March 18, 2018


   ... for the sporadic posting of late in Chuck's Comic of the Day!

   The real world (work, family, etc.) has been keeping me hopping for the past week or so - but I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so hopefully we'll be back to regular posts soon.

   Thanks for your patience!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Marvel 2-In-One #4

   The search for Reed and Sue continues in this series that, with any luck at all, is leading up to the eventual return of the Fantastic Four.

   But for now. Marvel 2-In-One focuses on the Thing and the Human Torch.

   They have recruited a "big brain" (which is to say, an accomplished scientist) named Rachne Koul (who has her own mysterious agenda) to help guide them in their search through the Multiverse.

   It's no surprise that the search does not start well - and the trio find themselves in a world of trouble (pun intended).

   It's another strong issue in this series from writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Valerio Schiti and color artist Frank Martin - I'd certainly hope the same team takes over the long-overdue return series devoted to the FF.

    (And yes, I know I've mentioned this in virtually every review of this series so far - you can't blame me for trying!)

Grade: A-



Friday, March 16, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War: Movie Trailer

   Marvel Studios has released a new trailer for the not-too-far-off Avengers: Infinity War, and I have to say, this movie is looking to be a monster (in the best possible sense).

   Check it out: